Arin McConnell

Arin McConnell originally from the lakeshore village of Port Stanley in Ontario and now I’m a resident of Simcoe.

My work is mainly inspired by Lake Erie and our natural surroundings. Through glass fusing and also resin I focus on beach and water scenes showcasing my nostalgia. My work as well reflects my long term passion for anything equestrian through glass equine pieces.

I am also the artist of Wearable Art by Arin which by using resin and glass you too can wear art every day. Each jewelry piece is a unique one of a kind that comes in necklaces, rings, and earrings.  

Fused Glass Wave AM006 $75.
Fused Glass AM008 $60.
Necklaces AM002 $20.
Bracelets AM005 $20.
Earrings AM004 $15. Adjustable Rings AM001 $15.
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