Christina Glazebrook

Christina Glazebrook is a self-taught, Brantford based, abstract fluid artist.  She has always been creative but found her passion for painting later in life.  She was instantly drawn to the beauty of fluid art and immersed herself in the learning process.  Her journey has led her to a place where she is now creating visually stunning abstract art which is full of movement, cells and lacing.  The addition of metallic colours adds a depth and richness to her art that draws you in and creates an ethereal quality to her work.  The abstract nature of her art leaves room for each viewers interpretation of these one-of-a-kind pieces.



Sedona Sunset CNG010 $250.00

Smokeshow I CNG003 & Smokeshow II CNG004 $160.00 each

Effervescent CNG006 $350.00

Glacial CNG007 $240.00

Silver Lining CNG002 $160.00