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Register in person at
Capitol Arts Market 13 Norfolk St. South, Simcoe, Ontario

Robbin Pulver-Andrews

Register at the Capitol Arts Market in person at 13 Norfolk St South, Simcoe, Ontario
or contact Robbin through her Email
Instagram: robbinsart100

Introduction to Drawing with Soft Pastels                        
Materials list available from Robbin or at the gallery.
Introduction to the basics of working with the glorious colours and versatility of soft pastels. Over 4 weeks students will be given an overview of basic drawing techniques and colour processes that will offer a good foundation for designing and making pastel landscape drawings. We will discuss various technical aspects of working with soft pastels, some of the different papers and drawing accessories available for this medium

New Dates TBA
Cost: $165.00

Introduction to Acrylic Painting
 Material list available from Robbin or at the gallery
Acrylic paints are the perfect starting medium for anyone interested in taking up painting. They are very forgiving and uniquely versatile! Over the course of 4 weeks, students will learn about composition, colour choices, mixing and glazing. Different materials and mediums brushes and various techniques will be discussed and demonstrated to help students gain confidence in handling acrylic paints and mediums, so they can create and complete their own compositions

New Dates TBA
Cost $165.00

Encaustic Painting Techniques Workshops 
Materials supplied
In this introductory workshop, students will learn the basic techniques of painting with melted beeswax and resin. We will explore the creative possibilities of working with this ancient medium. Layering, incising, collage and image transfer techniques will be demonstrated.

Encaustic Painting Techniques Workshops
New Dates TBA Cost $75.00 per workshop

Linda Campbell

Register on line at
Or register at the gallery.
For more information email
Or call 226-931-6468

Watercolour Workshop
Date: TBA

In this workshop you will learn the basic skills for painting with Watercolours.
Colour Theory, Painting Techniques, Principles and Elements of Design, and
Composition will be covered. The workshop will consist of several exercises as well
as painting a picture of your choice to assist you in your learning. This workshop is
suitable for beginners and water colour artists who want to refresh and broaden
their skills.
Workshop Fee: $60.00, Register at the Capitol Arts Market
Materials Included

Doodle Art

Doodling can be so relaxing that you it’s hard to stop. Doodling with intention can be both beautiful and rewarding. Join this Doodle Art class to learn the basics in creating patterns and how to apply them to create three dimensional drawings.

DATES TBA Two, 2 hour workshops at Capitol Arts Market
13 Norfolk St. S. Simcoe
Cost $60.00 including materials

Drawing Workshop

DATES TBA Register on line at
Or register at the gallery.
For more information email
Or call 226-931-6468

Pat Haftar Classes

Contact Pat at or home 905-732-9252

Collage Workshop Date TBA
Cost $240.00
Collage Workshop 2 day at CAM

Students learn about different collage techniques as well as different types or genre of collage. Some examples of subjects are landscapes, expressing feelings, art, floral, family or climate

Materials List
This is a long list use as many found items as you can and things from your own art practice. You do not require every single thing listed, this is to be used as a guide. Highlighted items are a must have.
Modge Podge Matte and Gloss or Golden heavy gel medium
Canvases 4 – 9 x 12 , 10 x 10, 12 x12 etc. or 4 sheets Strathmore Mixed Media Paper 11 x 14
Watercolour paper 140 or 300 lb. ½ sheet
Hair Dryer
Scissors, exacto knife with a fresh blade
Ideas of what to collect prior to workshop.
Various papers/ found papers/ purchased papers/ prepared papers/ photographic images i.e. newspaper, Japanese rice papers ,old books, paper towel, wrapping paper, paper bags, handmade papers, old cards, tickets , photos, magazines, paper napkins with a design ie flowers etc.
Other materials, fabric , burlap, weaves, canvas, , metallic surfaces, foils. Shingles, pieces of wood and fibers
Glass, mirror, wires, string, cords, thread
Sand, shells, stones, powder pigments
Type Faces
Old magazines, books, newspapers, postage stamps calendar pages, flyers, theatre tickets, candy wrappers, boxes, labels book jackets
Leaves, grass, flowers, feathers, twigs
Cheese cloth, plastic netting ( from onions etc.)
Items to make marks
Acrylic paint / watercolour paint/ inks / pens coloured pencils crayons etc
Brushes old flat that can be used to spread glue, brushes for paints
Credit card, brayer ( if you have one)
Roll of paper towel
Container for water
I will supply –
Acrylic paint, decorative paper pads to share, charcoal, stamps and pads, etc.

DAY ONE Basic Collage

What is Collage
Careful Preparation
Elements of Design
Integrated Surfaces – Claude Simard image


Continue working on Integrated surfaces Collage
Discuss Elements of Design and how they pertain to the current collage.

Day 2 Collage Workshop

Personal Collage / Collaging the Human Figure


Collect images, papers, cards, tickets, cloth etc. that have a connection to the person you are making your collage about.
List the qualities of the person
List their favourite things to do
List how they impacted your life
Where did they live city, town, country, over seas etc
When making your lists what colours, textures and patterns come to mind.
See Materials list


Social Commentary
Theses collages are made to express an idea/ opinion provoked by the conditions of society both globally and locally ie. Climate Change, Morality, Mass starvation, indigenous residential schools, black lives matter, equal pay for equal work etc.
Decide on which topic you are passionate about, do not worry if it is not in the list above. If you are passionate about it EXPRESS IT in your collage.
Look through your materials pick out what items you think will work well together to present your case’ Think about textures, colours , patterns that will draw attention and add interest as you build the layers n your collage.

Acrylic Glazing Techniques Workshop
New Date TBA
Cost $90.00

Applied Acrylic Glazing Techniques continued
Combined class of ABSTRACT & REALISM
New Date TBA
Cost $170.00

Materials List

Cool Colours
Cad yellow light
Alizron Crimson

Palette paper, paper plate etc
Paper towel
Brushes ¾ inch Flat/ ½ inch flat / ¼ flat synthetic ,a liner #3 or #4
I plastic jar (dollar store) with lid
Canvases 3 – 12 x 16 or 16 x 20
Gloss Glazing Liquid Golden/ Liquitex
Matt Glazing Liquid Golden / Liquitex
Titanium white Liquitex or Golden professional grade
Paynes grey
Mars black
Warm Colours
Cad yellow medium
Cad yellow deep
Cad red light
Cad red medium
Yellow oxide or Yellow ochre
Burnt sienna

Cool Colours
Cereulean blue
Cobalt blue
Ultramarine Blue

Phyllis Zapadinsky and Ingrid Zyma-Irvin are working on a collaborative exciting class

Susan Bennett

Dates of classes TBA

Register at the Capitol Arts Market in person at 13 Norfolk St South, Simcoe, Ontario. Call Susan at 519-586-9762

Palette Knife Oil Painting
Explore the art of palette knife painting,
see the range of effects from textured impasto to areas of blended colours.

Cost is $50.00 per session 10am to 3pm every other Friday
Materials list provided upon registration.  Start a journey that you will enjoy for the rest of your life.

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