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Janette Dengo





Cell 519-771-9213

Janette Dengo was born in Slovak Republic formerly known as Czechoslovakia and immigrated to Canada in 1985. She lives in St. Williams where she holds weekly painting classes at a local church hall.  She works from a small studio in her country home.  Her work consists of acrylic on canvas and sometimes on wood panel & real wood.  She loves using bright and vivid colours in all of her works, often painting partial subjects for a closer view of their details.  Inspired by life and events, elements, nature and the many people she meets on a weekly basis, Janette enjoys taking initial photos of her many painted scenes.  Moving to Norfolk County nearly 8 years ago has shifted her art by focusing on rural surroundings. Her paintings consist of mostly nature, birds, horses, livestock, domestic animals, the sun, landscapes, waterscapes, insects and pretty much all beings great and small.   Her painting techniques range from palette knives, brushes and other objects to create textured pieces.  The style of her work ranges from abstract to realism where she enjoys adding a lot of details including the macro world in some of her works.

Bald Eagle 16 x 20 Acrylic on Canvas JID002 $480.
Eye See You 6 x 6 Acrylic on Canvas JID010 $135.
Morning Canoe 11×14 Acrylic on Canvas JID008 $375.
Maple Leaf 8×10 Acrylic on wood panel JID005 $195.

Winter Robin 8×10 Acrylic on Canvas JID011 $215.

Yellow Belly Tit 12×12 Acrylic on Canvas JID003 $295.

BLUE DRAGONFLY 12X12 Acrylic on Canvas JID007 $350.00

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