Marty Newman

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Instagram: martynewman22

My career was spent in the healthcare field as a nurse working in
management and education in a variety of settings in Ontario.
I have been painting for 25 years. I am a self taught artist and have taken
part in workshops and classes regularly both provincially and
internationally. After having lived in Oakville for 23 years and then on a 50
acre property in Grey county for 17 years we moved to Simcoe in 2017. I
have been active in local arts groups, the Capital Arts Market and the Artist
Workshop since moving here. I have presented and sold my work in various
provincial Art shows, Battle for the Arts, Norfolk county library branches
and the 150 year old Norfolk county Fair .
I use the different mediums of acrylics and watercolours. My ideas for
paintings are from my own personal thoughts and I paint by inspiration. I
especially enjoy using large canvases. The flow of paint suggests my ideas
as I work. I let the work speak to me as I work and so enjoy working on 4 or
5 pieces at the same time. I paint by what I feel at the moment and I enjoy
creating abstract works. I like to listen to music as I paint. I particularly draw
on the outdoors for inspiration and enjoy painting landscapes .

Blue Night
16″ x 20″
MN007 $80.00

2 Candles
Collage on Canvas
12″ x 16 “

Cabin in Woods
Acrylic on Canvas

Snowmen MN001

8″ $5.00 each

3 Pears
Acrylic on canvas
MN040 20″ x 16″

2 Snowmen MN001 8″ $5.00 each

SOLD Music
Acrylic on Canvas

Forest Walk 6″ x 6″

Acrylic MN026 $20.00

Red Sky
Acrylic on Canvas

SOLD White and Yellow 8×8″

SOLD Flower Cluster
Acrylic on Canvas
8×8 MN031

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