Riley Vanderzee

Riley Vanderzee is an artist and illustrator from Hamilton, Ontario. Her work mainly consists of acrylic on wood panel, gouache and watercolour on paper as well as mixed media pieces. The imagery in her work ranges from buildings to landscapes as well as people and wildlife in natural settings. She loves to use vibrant colours in her work and often uses a limited palette of rich pigments in her paintings. The bright tones combined with energized brushwork gives her paintings a sense of movement and liveliness.

Corktown Park, acrylic on wood, rv010, $250.00
Pink Clouds, acrylic on wood, rv008 $200.00
Same Trail New Adventures, acylic on panel rv009 $135.00
Autumn Leaves, acrylic on wood panel, rv013 12×18 $350.00
Blue Mountain Moon, acrylic on wood, rv006, $175.00
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