Ally Bryant

Etched In Thread By Ally

I have been thread painting for about twelve years, which I found through my work as a quilter. Thread painting is the art of using the needle of a domestic sewing machine in a free motion mode, using two types of stitches. The artist uses the needle as you would a pen or pencil. I use three types of methods:

1) I take a photo then print on special treated fabric then embellish with thread giving it a 3D look

2) I use fabric and build a background then embellish.with thread to build the rest of the picture.

3) I paint the background then thread paint to create the scene.

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Going Home to Roost ACB001 $350.00

Canola Fields if Grey County ACB017 $65.00

 Long Point  ACB018 $85.00

Canola Fields Arthur Ontario ACB003 $85.00

Beginning of Fall (Blue frame) ACB016 $65.00

ACB002  $85.00

Thread-painted Bookmark ACB010  $10.00