Ingrid Zyma-Irvin

Artist contact preference:
email, text, cell, Instagram, Facebook or other social  media platform  
Email: or cell phone: 519-428-0695 

My focus is to create bright and functional glass items. I melt and slump glass in my  kiln to create bowls, plates and wall art. Stained glass windows and three  dimensional items are created with copper foil and wire. Interesting colour combinations and textures make each piece unique.

Stained glass flowers on rocks ”made in Norfolk”

5 “stained glass daisies IZI-124 $18.00

Fused glass pocket hearts

IZI-032 $10.00

Fused Glass Bowl IZI-152 $75.00

Fused Glass Small Plates IZI-126 $25.00

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