Phyllis Zapadinsky

Phyllis was born and raised in London Ontario and moved to Burlington when she married. After raising 3 children and working fulltime at Ford Motor Company she took the proverbial, but not so golden, handshake.
She decided the second half of her life was going to be more creative. She studied woodworking at Sheridan and spent several years making children’s furniture and garden structures. During this period she moved to Delhi to be closer to her aging mother. The woodworking started to lose its appeal so she stared to take classes in stained glass at Fanshawe. She spent a few years creating home and garden decorations. She found she couldn’t stretch this art far enough so she decided to learn pottery to add to the home and garden pieces. As this progressed, she still needed something more to create the pieces she had in her mind. Learning to melt and fuse glass added this dimension. Cememnt was also a new addition. Now she spends her time using all these elemens to create unique garcden ornaments and structures as well as functional pottery abnd glass pieces for the home.

Christmas Tree Ornaments
$15.00 each

Painted Ladies Wine Goblets
$20.00 each

Fish Night Light


Wine Bottle Cheese Tray

Wine Cooler & Tray

Sunflower Night Light

Stained Glass Flying Bird

Rectangular Tray

Noodle Bowl

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