Karen Walker

Mixed Media Artist

www.instagram.com/walker.kaw Kwalker2019arts@gmail.com

Nature, colour and people’s stories are inspiration for my artwork. My mixed media work has ranged from sculptures, painting, collage, pottery and printmaking. I have used materials such as found objects, fabrics, old magazines, paper, and wood to create paintings directly on furniture.

I studied art at the University of Guelph and the Ontario College of Art and Design. Workshops with other artists encourage me to keep making things and I have been a member of several artists’ collectives in Hamilton, Guelph and Simcoe. I have displayed work in galleries in Hamilton, Guelph, Toronto and Norfolk County.

Willow KW052 $100.00

Sunbeam Collage/Mixed Media KW047 $135.00

Coming Apart Collage KW043 $80.00

Bright Light Acrylic KW048 $200.00

I Got Your Back Acrylic KW045 $140.00

Turquoise Bouquet Collage KW022 $185.00