Dominic McConnell

Dominic J D McConnell is a 15 yr old Potter from Simcoe, Ontario. Honour Student at Valley Heights Secondary School Dominic enjoys combining his love for History with his love of clay.

His natural talent at the wheel has been mentored and grown through private in studio lessons at his home and courses at ZenFire Pottery located in St Marys, Ontario.  

Dominic is the youngest artist displayed at the gallery today.

He works with an older manual kiln experimenting with different clay, shapes, sizes and glazing combinations to create his own unique works of pottery.

He draws a lot of inspiration of his shapes through ancient times past. His glazing combinations have been inspired by the natural environment around him. 

DJM012 $30.
DJM012 $30.
DJM001 $20.
DJM007 $25.
DJM012 $30.
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